Pink Innov’, R20 and AWIP Present: “Women Influencers for Climate Change”

Women, you have the power to influence decision-makers not just to address climate change but also to influence policymaking, and you have what it takes to help build the next DNA of innovation to fight against climate change.

Replay Pink Innov’, R20 and Advancing Women In Product (AWIP) webinar : Women Influencers for Climate Change.

During this webinar, tech and social leaders will gather to discuss the importance of the role women play to mobilize communities and how to collaborate with stakeholders to fight against climate change.

We are pleased to feature the work of Michele Sabban, who is a political figure recognized by the UN for her work around women empowerment and founder of R20 Green Fund for women, with the mission to empower and enable women and girls to fight and save the planet.

 Our diverse speakers around the globe have joined forces.

Hélène Campourcy, Pink Innov’ CEO, Nancy Wang, AWIP CEO, Dwayne Duso, Vice President at Amazon Web Services and Executive Advisor at AWIP, Lou Martinez Sancho, Pink Innov’ Board Member and Vice President of Strategy & Innovation at Kairos Power and Melinda Head of Marketing & Communications at Kairos Power and Emmy Award-Winning Journalist will discuss how they are influencing their communities and using their voice of influence to create spaces for leaders around the world to come together and tackle the world’s toughest problems. 

Together, we can fight against climate change and leave this world better than we found it for the next generation of leaders.

Access to the replay : click here

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