San Francisco – Paris Webinar Reverse mentoring

On 16 April at 7am San Francisco – 4pm Paris, Pink Innov’ invites you to a webinar on reverse mentoring. Our guest speaker, Rosie Cofre is based in Silicon Valley and has shared the concept of Reverse Mentoring across the globe for over 15 years. Learn how Reverse Mentoring can be used to “Creatively Disrupt” and challenge the ideals that may hold you back from Innovating at your best.
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Rosie Cofre is a Transformational Leader with experience in employee engagement, talent management, business strategy, operations, diversity, and human resources. She is a passionate, high impact problem solver and relationship builder that thrives on intertwining the analytical, theoretical, and hypothetical to develop strategies, implement programs and processes, and make decisions which result in the greatest value. Rosie loves challenges and is intrigued by the unconventional. 

She has over 15 years working with High Tech companies and has lived in Europe and South America.  She is married with three children and loves traveling within the US and Internationally.

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